Repair, cleaning and installation of air conditioners in Tbilisi

This page contains a rating of specialists in the repair and installation of air conditioners in Tbilisi. You can choose both a specialist who speaks Russian, and a master in Georgian or English. Before starting the search, it is useful to know the following:

  • It is better to order repairs, maintenance, cleaning and installation of air conditioning in the period from September to April. At this time, the specialists are free, and you do not have to stand in line and overpay. From May to August is the hottest season, so the demand for craftsmen and the price tag are inexorably growing.
  • Experienced craftsmen make discounts on installation in winter, and in summer, respectively, a margin. Just in order to make your work schedule more uniform.
  • If the air conditioner crackles from the indoor unit, this may be due to icing of the heat exchanger. In this case, you can lift the lid where the mesh filters are, and look. If there is icing, most likely you have a lack of freon in the circuit, and the air conditioner needs to be refueled after eliminating the leak. There may be other reasons, but this one is the most likely.
  • Carefully look at the work of the masters before ordering, check, collect reviews.
  • Prices from normal craftsmen start from 250 lari for a standard installation of an air conditioner. Turnkey installation costs from 1,000 lari.
  • If an unpleasant musty smell appears when the air conditioner is turned on or water starts dripping, then maintenance must be done! Simply put, this is a complete cleaning of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, which will help eliminate the above problems.
  • Before calling the master, determine what symptoms your air conditioner has. Is the external unit quacking, flowing, not cold, smells of mold? Tell the master about everything. He will diagnose, ask in detail about the anamnesis of the air conditioner and then tell you what is wrong and why your problem happened.
  • Due to the condensate produced, an excellent microflora is created inside the air conditioner for the reproduction of mold, fungus and other bacteria. They clog the drainage system of the air conditioner. As a result, water begins to drip from the indoor unit, in addition, with a 99.9% probability, a musty smell also appears. Therefore, it is worth cleaning the air conditioner regularly.
  • It is worth remembering that air conditioners are a rather complex technique that begins to work incorrectly and break down at the slightest jamb in the installation. Therefore, the cost of installation and repair from a good specialist will not be low.

Master Alexey Tsyplyak

Repair experience: more than 10 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: 150 GEL

Contacts: +995 571 229 586 / /

Approximate cleaning time: 1 hour.

Reviews: here.

Alexey is a proven master in repairing, cleaning and installing air conditioners. Cleaning takes place using a steam generator. Alexey always cleans up all the dust behind himself and tries to minimize the dirt from work.

In the list of works:

  • Repair of ice maker gearboxes (100 GEL)
  • Independent production of new parts.
  • Calibration of the mechanism
  • Cleaning of air conditioners (150 GEL)
  • Washing of air conditioners
  • Installation and installation
  • Diagnostics (40 GEL)

Alexey also repairs refrigerators and washing machines.

Master Coca

Repair experience: more than 5 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 100 GEL

Contacts: +995577202433 (есть WhatsApp и Telegram)

Approximate cleaning time: 2 hours.

Repairs and diagnoses air conditioners. Speaks Georgian and Russian. The equipment has been functioning properly for years after the master’s work. Performs installation and cleaning of the air conditioner, replacement of the motor in the device.

Victor Alexa

Repair experience: more than 15 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 100 GEL


Approximate cleaning time: 1,5 hours.

Professional craftsman, works with a companion. Perfectly explain certain decisions. A good attitude towards customers, which is quite rare. The cost of work is almost twice lower than when searching for a specialist in Telegram or Facebook chats.

Sergey Boytsov

Repair experience: more than 8 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 100 GEL

Contacts: +995 599 208 351 /

Approximate time for work: about 2 hours.

Installation, maintenance and repair. The master specializes in air conditioners.

Master Konstantin

Repair experience: more than 12 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 95 lari

Contacts: +995591039213 (к телефону привязаны WhatsApp и Telegram)

Approximate time for work: from 1 hour.

The whole list of works on your apprat: will clean the air conditioner, update the freon, diagnose, select the necessary spare parts if necessary for repair. Also, if necessary, it will make the correct installation of the air conditioner.

Master Anton

Repair experience: more than 10 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 110 GEL

Contacts: +995 595001654 (WhatsApp and Telegram) / @Tony_Gaiton (TG)

Approximate time for work: from 1 hour.

Provides installation and maintenance services for air conditioners (split systems). Prompt departure to the client’s home, diagnostics and repair of the device. The air conditioner after Anton’s work has been working properly for many years. Disassembles and solves common problems of air conditioners:

  • The filters or impellers of the external module are mechanically clogged
  • The compressor is out of order
  • There was a leak of freon liquids
  • The inverter module or temperature sensor is out of order
  • Violation of the electrical connection between the internal and external unit
  • And other problems.

Master Alexey

Repair experience: more than 8 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 120 GEL

Contacts: +995 511 305 582 (WhatsApp and Telegram) / (TG)

Approximate time for work: from 1 hour.

Reviews: Here.

Alexey is engaged in repairs of varying complexity, construction (from CAD design to implementation) and roofing business (seam roofing and complex repairs). Engaged in the repair of air conditioners. Also for 8 years is an industrial climber. Mounting and building is Alexey’s vocation.

The services include:

  • Cleaning the air conditioner with chemicals with partial disassembly of the indoor unit.
  • Installation of the indoor unit (plugged into an outlet next to the unit).
  • One hole is 50 mm.
  • Installation of the external unit on the wall from the ladder.
  • Laying a route along the outer wall.
  • Drainage device. metal-plastic pipe up to 3m.
  • Vacuum crimping.
  • Commissioning works.

Also, the following materials may be needed for installation:

  • Brackets for the external unit, depending on the BTU and configuration – 25-35 GEL
  • The highway (if it is not included with the air conditioner or is not of high quality) – 1 m.p. of the highway 35 GEL
  • An additional hole not provided for by the standard installation is 50 GEL.
  • Constructions for brackets, if it is impossible to install on the wall – 100GEL.
  • Electrical installation works, works with the use of rope access techniques (promalp) – the cost is subject to agreement.

As a rule, no one has time to figure out the intricacies of repairs on their own, visit markets and look for the right goods. The master is ready to help you with the solution of repair and construction issues of any complexity, as well as:
📌 decide on the necessary materials,
📌 find where to buy at the best price;
📌 deliver goods and building materials.

Arrives on time, works efficiently.

Alexey always explains why it is necessary to repair one way or another, gives a full report on the funds spent and the materials used.

Gennady Avetisyan

Repair experience: more than 15 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 40 GEL

Contacts: +995 595 907 103 (WhatsApp and Telegram)

Approximate time for work: from 2 hours.

Master George has extensive experience in the repair and installation of household appliances. The master speaks both Russian and Georgian. It performs its work quickly and without problems at a very low price. In May, you can count on the installation of a conditioner at a price of 40 lari.

Master Ilya

Repair experience: more than 5 years

Cost of diagnostics and maintenance: from 70 GEL

Contacts: +995 555 94 88 91 (WhatsApp and Telegram)

Approximate time for work: from 1 hour

Works with the most common problems:

  1. Refilling with refrigerant: If the air conditioner stops cooling the air, it may be due to a refrigerant leak. In this case, diagnostics and possibly refueling of the refrigerant are required.
  2. Cleaning filters: Clogged or dirty filters can lead to a deterioration in the performance and quality of the airflow. Their regular cleaning and replacement are mandatory.
  3. Compressor maintenance: The compressor is a key part of the air conditioner, and if it fails, the air conditioner may stop working.
  4. If the air conditioner does not maintain the desired temperature, then this may be due to thermostat problems, and it needs to be adjusted or replaced.
  5. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator: Clogging of the condenser and evaporator can lead to poor efficiency of the air conditioner. Their regular cleaning and maintenance can improve productivity.
  6. Repair of electrical components: If any electrical components, such as wires, capacitors or relays, fail, they can be replaced or repaired.
  7. Fan repair: If the air conditioner fan does not work properly, it may lead to insufficient air circulation.
  8. Diagnosis and solution of problems with electronics: Modern air conditioners can have complex electronics, and sometimes there may be problems with controls and sensors.

Master Andrey: washing air conditioners

The master offers disinfecting washing of air conditioners.

This procedure is recommended to be performed at least once a year (preferably before the summer season).

Why wash the air conditioner?

1) Health. 

The indoor unit of the air conditioner, when cooling the room, works with the release of condensate and with a temperature lower than the environment. These conditions favorably affect the reproduction of bacteria and fungi (mold), which are carried around the room along with the cooled air, as well as dust accumulated on the radiator and fan.

2) System health. 

Dirty radiators (indoor and outdoor units) have lower efficiency, respectively, less performance of the entire system and increased load on the compressor. Also, the dirty fan of the indoor unit “blows” worse.

Washing is carried out with the use of special equipment and detergent with a disinfectant property.

Contacts:, @scrupulous_a,